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Preparing to List

Before you list it is important to pay close attention to the following items to ensure that your home showcases its best to potential buyers:

  • Lawn and yard – Remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens, in the Winter, make sure walkways are cleared of snow.
  • Exterior – Paint, fix or wash railings, steps, screens and doors. Replace any missing shingles. Clean out gutters & wash windows.
  • Driveway, Garage/Carport – Clean up grease or oil spots. See that the garage door opens freely, & if you have an automatic door opener, make sure it’s in good working order. Sweep floor, fix and/or wash doors and windows.
  • Plumbing – Repair drippings, leaky toilets and unclog drains. • Heating/Cooling – Clean exterior of air-conditioner and furnaces.
  • Lights – Replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches. Install high wattage bulb in dimly lit areas.
  • Entryway, Halls and Stairs – Give special care to the front entry as this is where buyers get their first impression as they walk into your home. Remove any clutter to give a clean/tidy appearance.
  • Fireplace – Clean out old ashes. Put in unburned logs for appearance.
  • Ceilings – Check ceilings for leak stains. Fix the cause of the damage, repair the ceiling and repaint. Sometimes lightly applying diluted bleach will save a paint job. If repainting the walls, stick to off-whites or neutral colours.
  • Hardware – Oil hinges, tighten door knobs, faucets. For sliding doors that stick in their tracks, rub the tracks with paraffin or candle wax.
  • General Condition – Dust, wash, and putty holes and paint walls, fix defects, as required. Make sure doors open freely, oil squeaky doors and tighten doorknobs. Store unneeded items to “enlarge” room size. Shampoo all carpets so they are odor free and look their best. Consider adding mirrors to walls to give the impression of more light and space.


  • Kitchen – Stove, refrigerator, range hood, fan over stove, and sink should be spotless, all workspace clear. All dishes put away or placed in the dishwasher.
  • Bathrooms – Neat and spotless. Grout and caulking must look fresh.
  • Closets – Neat and tidy closets help your home to feel more spacious.
  • Counters & Cabinets – The same principle used for closets applies here: overcrowding gives the impression of inadequacy. This applies to bathrooms and kitchens, with the kitchen being the most important. Put infrequently used countertop appliances in storage.

What we do to market your home

Bruce Dunham and his team will provide professional staging advice, interior design consultants, and we will hire a professional photographer to ensure your home showcases to its fullest potential. We use several different mediums to market your home. As soon as the property is listed it will show up on the Realtor Exclusive Website. This will allow for Realtors to view your property and showcase before the listing goes public on MLS. Bruce’s team will create individual marketing materials including brochures and social media ads. We will organize open houses at your convenience and will showcase your home on Realtor Caravan Tours.

Determining a List Price

This is the most crucial stage in the listing process. Bruce will help you analyze recent sales in your neighbourhood while taking into account improvements you have made to your home. The Bruce Dunham Realty Team will work together with you to ensure you are receiving top market value for your home by maximizing your list price.

Showings and Offers

Bruce will keep you updated on all the showings and feedback for your property. We will send you a weekly summary of the activity on your property so you are informed in all stages of the listing process. Bruce will assist you in negotiating the top sale price for your home once an offer is presented. As a top negotiator, Bruce is able to work hand in hand with other agents to ensure that both parties are equally happy with the transaction.

Closing Costs

It is important to factor in the following costs when you are preparing to sell your property.

Legal Fees:
You must retain the services of a Lawyer to assist in the transfer of land and payout of any mortgages or liens registered against the property. Please call around to ensure you are receiving the best rate possible and be sure to ask if the Lawyer is representing anyone else in the transaction. Lawyer’s fees should range from $600- $900 for a Sale.

Real Property Report:
A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly shows the location of dwellings and visible improvements on the property. The RPR must be current and show any updates made to the property. If you have made any changes to the exterior of the property in the way of Air Conditioners, Fences, Decks, Window Wells, etc you will need to order an update to your existing Real Property Report. An RPR will protect you for any future legal liabilities resulting from problems related to property boundaries and improvements.

Property Taxes:
You will be responsible to pay your portion of the property taxes for the year. If you have already made the entire lump sum payment for the tax year you will receive a portion of that money back in an adjustment made by the Lawyers.

Possession Date

As soon as your Lawyer has received the final closing monies for the transaction, Keys will be released to the Buyer’s. Bruce will ensure everything is in order before the keys are released. On closing, your Lawyer will pay out any existing lines of credit, mortgages, and liens and then will deposit any remaining sale proceeds into your account.